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1992 AAMR definitions of Developmentally Delayed

Identify two differences between the 1983 and 1992 AAMR definitions of Developmentally Delayed, formally known as, “Mental Retardation”. What did the President’s Committee on Mental Retardation mean when they used the term “six-hour retarded child” in their 1970 report? What does this suggest for educators today?

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For example, in regard to Article 14, which refers to freedom of religion, the Jordanian government has reported that, “every child has the right to receive religious instruction in accordance with the wishes of the parents.” This clearly demonstrates the government does not view religious freedom or freedom of belief as a right of the child. Parents are given the right to choose religious instruction for the child. Religious freedom, in the eyes of the Jordanian government, is interpreted as the right to practice one’s faith freely, but not as the right to change one’s faith. In addition, the right to receive an Islamic upbringing is presented in the best interests of the child, which also explains why custody is allocated differently between Muslim and non-Muslim women and why adoption is frowned upon. Although Jordan ratified the CRC, it was most likely done in response to increasing international pressure to adopt the concept of “the best interest of the child” principle. In spite of this, Jordan has maintained its reservations about several articles of the Convention (most notably Article 14). In Jordan, freedom of religion is not seen as a right that should be given to children, and in instances of marriage between a Muslim man and a Christian woman it is seen as the right of the father in order to ensure that his children receive an Islamic upbringing. Given these inconsistencies, it is unlikely that “the best interest of the child,” as denoted by the CRC, will become the chief framework through which children’s rights are addressed in Jordan. Rights Regarding Criminal Punishment In Jordan, there is often a lack of penalty for men who engage in what are called “crimes of honor.” It is known that international human rights law condemns honor killings, however, the existence of Article 340 in the Jordanian Penal Code provides that: “(1) [he] who catches his wife, or one of his female relatives unlawfully committing (in the act of) adultery with another, and …kills, wounds, or injures one or both of them, is exempt from penalty”. The law encourages more honor killings since perpetrators are often exempt

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