Music 4'33".

Music 4’33”.

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•    Media
o    Lecture: Post-modernism, Minimalism, and Globalism: media, transcript (Transcript Attached)
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•    Reading
o    Chapter 32
•    Listening
o    Varèse, Poème électronique (opening)
o    Adams, Short Ride in a Fast Machine
•    Assignments
o    Text Quiz 6: Russian and Eastern-European Modernism, American Music and Postmodernism. This quiz covers readings and materials through Lesson 24.
o    Discussion Board #4: 4’33”
Check Course Schedule for due dates. Details of assignments are on the following page.
Discussion Board #4: 4’33”
Watch the following YouTube video of John Cage’s 4’33”: Within your team discussion forum, discuss your reaction to this performance- do you consider this piece to be “music”? Or is Cage more of a showman than a serious composer? Does this piece have a structure or architecture to it, despite its lack of specific sound elements? (Did it provide you with a heightened awareness of the sounds in your personal space?) Your post should explain why you do or do not consider this to be music. Also, is your definition of “music” changing as you consider these challenging works by Varese and Cage (and possibly Adams and Tan Dun)? Substantively reply (reference the original post’s content, your opinion, etc.) to a post in order to add to our discussion, and you have successfully completed your assignment. As always, please follow class rules of “Netiquette” (be polite) with your conversations.
If you complete this assignment, you will receive 20 points: 10 points for your statement and 10 points for the comments you add to statements from the other students in your discussion group. I am interested in your honest opinion, so there are no “right or wrong” answers. I may take off points if your statement is too short (missing something), if your assignment is incomplete (ie. you fail to add at least one comment to each statement submitted by all the other members of your discussion group) or if there are grammatical and spelling problems. Do not submit a list. Your statement should be written in prose (sentences and paragraphs, etc.). See the course schedule for due dates for original posts and response posts and below for instructions about using the discussion board.


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