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Your To Do List
•    Media
o    Video Conclusion: media, transcript (Transcript Attached)
•    Assignment
o    Discussion Board Posts:  Popular Musics Presentations
o    Exam 3: Units 6-8 Be sure to review the exam Overview
Learning Objectives
Students will be able to:
•    Describe (and share) music you value and enjoy listening to
•    Learn about American popular music styles (from class presentations)
•    Develop a method for describing the stylistic features of musics you value
Popular Musics Presentations Instructions
•    Create a 1-page (300-word) presentation on a piece, composer/songwriter/performer, or genre of your choice, to share with the class. Use the same descriptive

elements (melody, harmony, dissonance, consonance, phrasing, etc.) that we have been using to describe the classical music we have been listening to. Please also

mention at least one specific piece, and preferably a link to it, so that your classmates and I can hear what you are writing about. You will post your presentation on

the Discussion Board Forum (3 points), and give one “reply” post to someone else’s presentation as well (2 points). As always, please follow class rules of

“Netiquette” (be polite) with your conversations.
Modern Musice Presentation – Cafe del Mar

Oliva, Christian
Modern music presentation
I don’t know if anyone else listens to music when they are studying but I am sure a fair number of you use it to help you concentrate or shut out the noise from your

study environment. The latter is why I usually plug in my headphones. If I can’t control the noise I can at least choose the type I wish to listen to. Normally,

constant noise does not bother me so much even at high volumes but when noise is sporadic and unpredictable it tends to distract my concentration. I choose my music so

that it too does not cause distraction at higher volumes. If I were to listen to something with too much dissonance or possibly something that builds anxiety, chances

are it would bother me as much as the noise I was trying to shut out. I used to use classical but I stumbled onto café del mar on youtube which is a lounge type

compilation of primarily non-vocal instrumental mixes.
This is a modern jazz type of sound if you were pressed to categorize it. It reminds me, at times, of the kind of music playing in the background at some uptown

clothing store. The music is focused on creating an atmosphere if I were to describe some purpose that the composers might have had in mind at inception. It certainly

does not lend itself to live performance. There is rarely any vocals but when they do exist they seem to be instrument like using very little actual words but blending

into the harmonies. This is why I say that this may not be performance style music but I would need you to listen to actually understand what I am trying to say. Some

may disagree but it would be an unconventional concert in my mind.
It’s fascinating music because it is rich in texture. Like renaissance music, the bass travels and does not provide an easily determined phrase. The melody can be

repetitive but is made up of many competing melodies. There is very little build up or down for that matter. It has an ebb and flow to it that allows a song to go on

indefinitely if it so desired. Thus, the background music in a store analogy. Some tracts have a predominant base but still a little too mellow to be used as club

music or a serious dance song. Though the tempo may be mellow, the combination of dissonance and consonance is vibrant. So much so that the music tends to take on a

feel of a living entity moving or walking next to you. The most modern aspect of this music is the type of instrument combination. There is a lot of synthetic

instrumentation but also many classical instruments. The flavor is multi-cultural and borrows melodies and instruments from many cultures. You may hear South American

wind pipes, an Egyptian Oud, or a host of other instruments I don’t have the education to name. There are also natural sounds of water or waves incorporated to

different tracts.
Since many of you may not be familiar with this music I hope that my description was accurate to give you a feeling for what it may sound like. It’s complex and

unusual enough that it becomes difficult at times to capture its essence with words however descriptive they may be. I hope that you get a chance to listen and then

determine if my explanations were accurate to give you a sense of what I was trying to explain. The Café del Mar puts the mix together from a variety of artists. The

tracts are available for download but I believe you have to sign up or something. Café del Mar seems to understand the genre it is trying to depict and manages to find

artists that fit to build a monthly hour long playlist. They sell their playlists on iTunes as well.

Essential Equine Studies: Bk. 2: Health, Nutrition and Fitness written by Julie Brega is the course book for this module.


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