Novel Project+Film Note

Novel Project+Film Note

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Novel Project: Please write assignment 2 (3 pages)
Video Note: Fill all blanks on page 2 (chart and questions on page 2) (1 page)

Please upload a 3-page essay for novel project, and a 1 page video note (fill out blanks on provided pdf).

Below are the links for video note:
part 1:
part 2:

Why is it important to study themes in humanity? Focusing on: The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls
In a long work like our novel, our author often presents her ideas about life and humanity through her own voice and her discussion of major events. In our novel

study, you will be completing 2 assignments:
Assignment 1: Character Timeline through Symbol Use
In groups of 2 or on your own, trace ONE of the character’s development/journey chronologically from start of novel to finish(Jeannette, Rex, Rose Mary all experience

significant changes throughout). Try to choose 7 events over the course of the novel. Include: a) 7 major events/experiences that impacts character

development/exposure to us as readers b) Specific quotes/lines within the chapter, and explain the development and characteristics through the event/experience
• In each event in your timeline, use a symbol/object presented in the novel to support each event, and then “frame” your entire timeline using a dominant symbol(what

objects were presented in the novel? Consider items like cactus, the homes they’ve lived in, food items, newspaper/pens, books, candles, coal, geodes, etc.) • Explain

(in a written rationale) the IMPACT of the event on the character and connect to THEMES in regards to what we learn about humanity/human behaviour through each event.
You will be marked using the Character Timeline Rubric attached.
Assignment 2: MONOLOGUE PRESENTATION  As an individual, prepare and present a three minute monologue on an individual’s view of themes in humanity.
You may choose to speak: • In the voice of the author of the novel(how does Jeannette Walls answer the FQ) • A character from the novel(how does that character answer

the FQ) • Yourself and your own personal reflections of the novel’s ideas about the FQ.
You will be marked based on the Literary Exploration Rubric attached.


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