Aircraft Wing Design Considerations

Aircraft Wing Design Considerations

Project description
The reports for each assignment will be assessed on how well you understand and explain the topic; how well does the student understand the topic; have they explained it fully and clearly? Higher marks will be awarded for originality of explanation. Original and creative explanations in your own words and sketches or diagrams will also add marks. Presentation is important too, so make it look smart. Scruffy graphs without annotation will lose marks.

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this is the file on how the report must be written, the report must consist on 10 pages,

for question 9 you need to download a program called XFLR5 from this link ,, for help to design a wing use this link: ,, please do not do “Copy & Paste ” to avoid plagiarism detection.

Assignment One
Aircraft Wing Design Considerations

Assignment One: Aerofoils – How Wings Work Tasks
1.    Describe three common misconceptions about lift? 
(There are examples described within the website links provided in the Appendix)
2.    Explain how an aerofoil really generates lift?
3.    Why is an aerofoil shaped as it is?
.    a)  Why is it rounded and not pointed at the front
.    b)  why is it thicker in the middle
.    c)  Why is it tapered at the rear
.    d)  Why is it flatter underneath, with a camber making it curve on top?
4.    What other shapes will generate lift?
.    a)  Will a house brick generate lift?
.    b)  Will a saucer?
.    c)  Will a football?
5.    What causes Drag and what are the main different types of Drag?
6.    What is a boundary layer?
7.    What are wingtip vortices and what causes them?
8.    What are the common formulas for Lift & Drag? 
What do they depend on? Give example use of the equations.
9.    IMPORTANT: To do this part you need to use a computer with XFLR5 software installed. If you want to install a copy of XFLR5 on your own computer, or on a USB memory stick, you can do so from here: 
For guidance on how to use this software, see the XFLR5 user guide slides on student central, or, see Youtube tutorial videos –> click here 
Using the XFLR5 software package generate plots of CL and CD versus angle for a commonly used NACA 4 series aerofoil of your choice. You need to plot two graphs;
.    a)  CL versus Alpha
.    b)  CD versus Alpha,
10.    From the plots in section question 9;
.    a)  What angle gives zero lift?
.    b)  What angle gives maximum lift?
.    c)  If it flies upside down, what is the maximum lift, and at what angle?
11.    Include a drawing of the aerofoil you have chosen in section nine

Introduction to Assignment One
Please provide a brief introduction to the assignment topic.
Please provide your answers here to the questions posed in the Tasks section. Q1
Please provide a brief conclusion to the questions discussed as part of this assignment..
Please visit the following websites to aid your learning of aerofoil aerodynamics:
NASA website’s_principle 20Flight%20Part%201.html


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