Rhetorical Analysis of an Advertisement

Rhetorical Analysis of an Advertisement

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about The 2015 Cadillac Escalade Commercial.

: Rhetorical Analysis
of an Advertisement
This assignment is a continuation of the
where you examined an advertisement using the rhetorical
situation to determine if the ad was effective. For this assignment, consider the same advertisement, but extend
your analysis to identify and evaluate the ways it uses ethos, pathos, and logos to
appeal to the audience.
Basically, you are taking the paper you already wrote, and you are
refining it and
revising it to include discussion
of how the advertisement uses
ethos, pathos, and logos.
You still need to keep the information about the
that you have already discussed. You are revising the paper to include additional information. You have
my comments on your first paper; I strongly suggest you take those comments into account as you revise your paper.
You should read Chap
ter 8 in
Writing Today
before beginning this assignment.
Your purpose:
to ev
aluate the effectiveness of the advertisement based on the way it uses ethos, pathos, and logos.
This successful rhetorical analysis will address or include the following features:
Your thesis.
What do
say about how well the ad employs appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos. You may
want to stress that the ad relies more heavily on one or two appea
ls, but be sure to address all three.
Be sure to state clearly in your thesis if the paper is effective or not then give your specific reasons
for your claim of effectiveness.
The thesis should be Claim + reasons for the claim.
Brief summary.
The primar
y goal of this essay is
Therefore, you will need to provide enough
summary that we will all be familiar with what is displayed in the advertisement, but your audience does
not need more than a paragraph or so summarizing the ad because they will
have seen your ad.
This should
come first in your essay.
Detailed analysis of the ad.
This is the bulk of your analysis. Convey your thinking about how well
rhetorical appeals are
Each of these
elements might not be a primary means of
communication, but you still need to address all the appeals

even if you are claiming that the ad does a
bad job of appealing to one of them.
In terms of organization, I suggest you have an effective introduction with a strong thesis
statement, then a pa
ragraph summarizing the commercial, then
a paragraph or two
discussing the
advertisement’s rhetorical situation and how it operates in the commercial. Finally, the bulk of
your essay should discuss the three appeals, ethos, pathos, and logos. You should f
inish with a
conclusion paragraph.
DO NOT just stick paragraphs about ethos, pathos, and logos into your current paper. You need
to revise your entire paper so that the whole thing flows together smoothly as a unified whole.
Specific supporting details.
You must back up your claims with specific examples from your ad. For
example, if you argue that the ad is using pathos, you must SHOW how the ad uses pathos AND how the
ad affects the audience (what is the ad trying to make the audience feel?)
Most com
mon question: “Are we writing a whole new paper?” Short answer: “Yes.” Long Answer: “You will
likely need to condense the information from your first assignment because the focus of this second paper is
different, although it is similar.
You will need t
o make the previous information and the new information work
No, it is not easy.
You have to really think about it.
Yes, you can do it.”
Papers must be word processed and formatted correctly according to the formatting guidelines we went
over in class, which are posted in the file “How to Format a Paper” available on eLearn.
Papers must be between 800 and 1000 words in length. Papers
that do not meet the minimum length
requirement usually don’t receive passing grades, so be sure to write a full

length paper.
All papers must include a Letter to the Reader (instructions on eLearn). This must be included in the same
file as the paper you
submit to the dropbox. Papers that do not include this letter will automatically lose a
letter grade. (haha

did you catch the pun?).
Paper Workshop
March 5
: bring 2 PRINTED copies of your paper to class.
Papers will be submitted for grading to the correc
t dropbox on eLearn before midnight on the due date,
which is
March 6t


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