Run, Lola, Run Movie

Run, Lola, Run Movie

Watch the moive Run, Lola, Run

The film, Run, Lola, Run has been compared to a video game.
Why? Cite specific examples from the film that demonstrate similarities between the structure of the film and a video game.

The chain of causation in Run, Lola Run is broken by interruptions and digressions and the three-part structure. The animated sequences and the intercut montages visually interrupt the story and impede the progress towards resolution. Discuss how and why the narrative structure of Run, Lola, Run differs from the conventional Hollywood narrative structure of exposition, disruption, climax and resolution. Provide specific examples from the film. What are the enigmas or conflicts posed in the rising action of the film? Are they all resolved?

The narrative style of Run, Lola, Run is considered self-reflexive because the director, Tom Tykwer, makes the process of narration and its effect on the viewer visible. What are some ways in which the narrative structure is intentionally shown?

Because this film has three distinct narratives it can be seen as a film about narrative. How is the protagonist Lola different in each of the three narratives and why? How do the differences in Lola’s character affect the narrative?

David Bordwell, one of the premier film authors of the U.S., asserts that Run, Lola, Run is an example of the bricolage aesthetic, which combines various types of visual styles. Tykwer uses both 35mm and videotape, animation, montage, different cutting techniques including jump cuts and whip pans, and differing lengths of shots to highlight the various levels of reality in the film. How does this bricolage style affect the narrative?

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