Transformation Photos and Essay

Transformation Photos and Essay

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Objective: Explore the concept/design principle of transformation through photography.

1. Review Sam Taylor-Wood video: Still Life by Sam Taylor-Wood. ( )
2. Locate and photograph an object, location, or element(s) within a pre-determined time frame.
3. Arrange the photographs in chronological order (no more than 15).
4. Insert images within a ppt. or word file.
5. Include a one-page essay or free verse passages, under each photo.
6. Convert/save the file as a pdf–for easy bblearn upload.

Free verse poetry or one-page essay, required. DO NOT describe your photos (boring). Contemplate the meaning behind the images/metaphor–is the best writing option. Helpful wirting prompts:

The images remind me that…
A good quote that describes my artwork is…
The images are like…
Free verse poetry may be submitted, instead of an essay

Important Considerations:
1. Choose a subject matter, location, or environment to photograph, over time.
2. Ensure a well-lit subject matter. Avoid back-lighting.
3. Keep camera angle/perspective consistent.
3. Consider “motion” as an important factor.

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