Portfolio Project

Portfolio Project

Portfolio Project Memo 1
Outline for first three paragraphs

I. Introduction: Hook (What social media do I use and why. Also, what I don’t use and why)
Your introduction should be at least 8-10 sentences.
1. Thesis: your argument—“the paper will argue that Social Media is good/bad/paradox because….

II. Body Paragraph 1: Dr. Syb

What kind of social media delivers Dr. Syb’s talk? What’s the title?

Dr. Sybril Bennett makes a connection between the Underground Railroad and the Internet.
What is it?

Why does she make it?

How does she justify this connection?

1. quote 1 with in-text citation:

III. Body Paragraph 2: Ballad of Birmingham

Summarize the “Ballad” and it’s page

What kind of social media delivers the “Ballad”?

Who created the ballad?

What is the “Ballad’s” value (good, bad, paradox) and why?

1. quote 1 with in-text citation:

e.portfolio Project memo 2
April 1, 2015

This memo contains the information you will need to complete your e.portolio paper.

The paper will be due in the proper drop box by:
MW: 4.13 by midnight
TTH: 4.14 by midnight

IV. Body Paragraph 3:
What kind of site is this?

What is its function?

What are its features?

How can a TSU student like Ms. Davis benefit from this social media platform?

1. quote 1 with in-text citation

V. Conclusion:
Summarize your opinion, mentioning all three sites we’ve discussed.

VI: Works Cited (MLA): fill in the proper MLA information for end notes for each of the following. You can use the OWL resource in lore.com library. Search for “on-line videos” end note MLA format.




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