An analysis of the chosen a one case study

An analysis of the chosen a one case study

The written submission must consist of:
-An introduction that states the purpose of this assignment including a definition of learner and learning as supported by your readings and literature. This section can be derived from your improved Part 1 A submission.
-An analysis of the case study where you critically discuss on how learning happened or did not happen in the case study using the learning theories that you have summarised in Part 1B. This will include a comprehensive definition and explanation of the theories specific to your case study.  This section can be derived from your improved Part 1B as applicable.
-A conclusion that summarises the key aspects of the learner and learning from your discussion and analysis of the case study.
Example to clear the above from the lectures supervisor:
You would be interesting to see how you can relate the theories covered so far to your case study analysis. For e.g.: in what ways can IP theory link to how learning can or cannot take place in Jamie’s fish? Or which aspects of Expectancy-value motivational theory can be applied to say History teacher case study? You are welcome to identify problems and suggest solutions while critically analysing the case in hand.
The chosen Cases studies:
Case study -1
Jamie’s Dream School | Jamie Oliver on Fish

Case study -1:
Discussing butterflies’ markings: This vignette shows using an image on an iPad™, an educator and several four-year-old children discuss protective markings on a butterfly’s wings. It also features tone, content and nature of educators’ interactions and verbal communication and their likely impact on children’s learning:
Case study -2:
Epic chemistry teacher gives the best classes:

Case study -3
Lesson observation: Year 7 History KS3 (excerpt) dy -3

Case study-4
Motivational teacher? What do you think? Most boring teacher ever! :

Formatting of Assignment 1 Part 2:
-Support your writing with your readings. Your submission should be written and organised in a logical, coherent way.
-The use of headings and sub-headings is encouraged.
-It is expected that you will proofread your submission to ensure it is free from spelling and grammatical errors.
-It is also expected that you will use APA 6th Ed referencing conventions.
-Your written work should be in Arial or Times New Roman font, size 11, 1.5 line spaced.
-Word count: about 2400 words plus/minus 10%

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