Study Case 1 and 2

Study Case 1 and 2

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Case 1- Video Case: Problem Solving Training at Chrysler

Employee Training may take many forms as you learned by reading this week’s Chapter. A central issue in training is “transfer of learning” …. will what is learned in the classroom actually transfer to the job. (Read about transfer of learning in the chapter on Training in your text.)

When you design a training program, you want to make sure that the training is practical and can be used by the employees to improve their performance on the job.

Read more about “transfer of learning” at the following site:

Case Study: Video of a Chrysler Training Program on Problem Solving

As part of their quality improvement initiative, Chrysler wanted to train select employees to systematically identify and solve customer related problems. Below is a short video on that training course. Watch it carefully.

Questions: Based on what you saw, what training and delivery methods did Chrysler use, in this training program, to ensure that the skills learned by participants could be applied back on the job.

Case 2: Video Case Study: Power and Leadership

Look at the following video case. (Place the following link into your Browser)

Case Questions:

Which of French and Raven’s sources of power did John initially use in his meeting with the Golf Club Charity Team? (Be specific and explain)
What leadership style did John initially use in his first meeting with the Golf Club Charity Team? (Be specific)
Were the power and leadership styles choices appropriate or effective? Why? Why not?
How did John’s own approach as the leader contribute to the problems with the Golf Club Charity Team?
If you were giving John some advice, what would you suggest to help him be a more effective leader in this situation?
The analysis and discussion of this Video Case requires a more thoughtful and comprehensive answer that integrates the concepts from the readings and demonstrates your understanding of those concepts.

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