Paper details:

A. Prepare for the Sierra Nevada Brewery Sustainability Fieldtrip by:

1. Making sure you have signed the electronic waiver (an e-mail was sent out previously from the University requesting your consent).

2. Signing up on Blackboard for which tour session you are planning on going on: Thursday at 10, Friday at 9, or Friday at 10. In your Activity Reading response, please mention (again) which session you are planning on going to.

B. After reading Farmer et al. Global Health Priorities for the Early Twenty-First Century
3. Highlight what you think are the top 3 improvements in the past decades with regard to global health

4. List and describe five areas that you think are most critical moving forward in improving global health.

C. Watch Tribal Jazzman Scholar on Medical Anthropology , and read Travenise: Stark Findings on Health, and Faye: How Anthropologists Help Medics Fight Ebola in Guinea.
From what you have learned, how would you describe what Medical Anthropology is.
What do you think about the current status of American health? How might medial anthropology provide insight into the current status of American health in contrast to medical practitioners?

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