Language of Modern Music 3

Language of Modern Music 3

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Part 1 Analysis

Mark on the scores your analysis – indicating where certain improvisational techniques are used.
Upload score as a pdf. file
Musical devices to mark on score can include:
The chord numbers against the harmony – use of 9ths or 11ths etc
Repetitive rhythms or special use of rhythm/ Sequences
Use of range on instrument or specific technique – bend or wail etc
Inversions or patterns used with the harmony
Approach Tones

Part 2 300 word discussion

Improvisational devices ie. mode and scale use
Chord usage, arpeggio and extension use
Other harmonic devices
Upload discussion as a word doc.
Part 3 200 word discussion

You must find the aural version of the solo. All of these solos are availalbe on
You must discuss the solo in broader terms, drawing the attention to the phrasing, dynamics, tone, density, style and overall direction of the solo.
Upload discussion as a word doc.
Upload aural file separately

Blue Moon by Dizzy Gillespie can be found at this site:

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