Critical Essay

Critical Essay

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Assignment task

Assignment 4 builds on your previous assignment (Assignment 3) in which you developed an essay portfolio. In this assignment you will conduct further research and write the essay you have planned.

Article from assignment 3: Do not fear the cybermind:

In writing this essay you have a number of resources that you can use. Sese include:
• your essay portfolio from Assignment 3
• the feedback on your essay portfolio. You are expected to use that feedback when you plan
and write this assignment
• additional research and planning you have done since submitting Assignment 3
• Chapter 9 of Grellier and Goerke (2014) on essay writing
• relevant Quick Guides from Academic Skills Development. Find them at
Sis assignment is to be submitted online using Turnitin.
Marking criteria
• Se breadth and depth of your research (this indicates a sound engagement with the
• Your ability to apply critical thinking to the question.
• Se quality and coherence of your argument.
• Your ability to deWne and apply concepts relevant to your argument.
• Se selection and use of relevant evidence, including your ability to integrate references
with discussion.
Assessment | 11
• Your ability to structure your essay, including writing a succinct, relevant introduction and
conclusion, and your ability to write well-constructed paragraphs in a logical sequence.
• Your ability to write in a clear and coherent style with attention to spelling, punctuation
and grammar, competent use of language appropriate to an academic essay, word count,
timely submission and a correctly completed assignment cover sheet.
• Your ability to write an essay with strong academic integrity, including correct referencing
in-text and in the reference list.

Watch short youtube video for step by step instructions :

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