Social, Mobile and Converged: Our Very Public Lives

Social, Mobile and Converged: Our Very Public Lives

Our lives are increasingly impacted by social and mobile technologies. These platforms are pervasive, impacting nearly every facet of our lives. The line between our personal (private) and public (socialized) lives is blurring. As this trend continues to evolve, there is an increasing need to be vigilant and protect our private information and ensure that information is not shared beyond its original intent that could jeopardize our long-term wellness from emotional and or professional standpoint. Whether it be our own actions that jeopardize our reputation through over-sharing or the actions of friends in associates that post items without our permission, this new social ecosystem requires us to be an informed participant, and vigilant in protecting our now very public private personas.

Just as we, as individuals, have a new risk exposure resulting from the rise of social and mobile, companies also have an increased profile and pressure to both protect their brand and deliver exceptional customer experience due to the ease at which potentially harmful false identities can be created and the very public and immediate feedback loop that has been generated in this increasingly social and mobile world. In addition, companies who do not yet fully understand the risk/reward proposition of embracing social may not invest the appropriate time/resources to successfully protect their brand identity and derive the greatest value from these technologies.

Discuss the convergence between public and private identities from both an individual and corporate perspective, and the steps and measures that can be put in place to create a positive, measured online persona. Discuss best practices that both individuals and companies can employ to fully leverage these technologies in a positive way. Cite recent examples that reinforce your recommendations.

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