critique of performance

critique of performance

Listen/view Ken Robinson?s presentation on creativity ( and write a critique of his performance.

I want to receive from you information concerning content as well as presentation, and I want the paper to be in paragraph form. I think that you should be able to complete this in 2 pages. The best answers will correctly utilize terms from our text regarding Audience Analysis, delivery, Supporting materials, Reasoning and Organization UNDERLINE AND BOLD FACE EACH TERM..At least ten terms are needed to be included to meet minimum expectations. You may use more.

The best essays use the terms in a way that demonstrates you know what the term means. You may outright explain what the term means in the essay and then USE it in the critique.

Use the book Public Speaking: Concepts and Skills for a Diverse Society (Cengage Advantage Books) by Clella Jaffe for the key terms.

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