Guatemalan History

Guatemalan History

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Review the powerpoint presentation on Guatemalan History and the following clips, which provide historical context surrounding the involvement of the United States in the precipitation of the war and recent efforts to bring top military officials to justice:

1) Arbenz& the CIA, Guatemala 1950’s

2) Guatemala – CIA & the United Fruit Company, JacoboArbenz

3) “Granito: How to Nail a Dictator”: Film Tracks Struggle for Justice After Guatemala Genocide.

Respond to any event or issue that you find especially interesting, significant, disturbing etc. How does a consideration of Guatemalan History complicate your understanding of the anthropology of Mesoamerica?

Does this history, in any way, contribute to your understanding of the United States and your identity as a citizen or resident of the United States?

Does knowing something about the indigenous culture of this area affect your response to the historical events that happened there since the mid-19th century?

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