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BCOR 1015 – World of Business

Company Project – StudentGuidelines

The Company Project is designed to introduce students to business concepts on both individual and team levels, by having studentscreate a potential business and apply their understanding of BCOR 1015 World of Business content.By combining course content and basic research, students will develop an understanding of the interrelated functional areas of a business and the context (economic, governmental, environmental and social) in which businesses operate. This project will also provide a learning experience in teamwork and presentation skills.

General Assignment Instructions:
•    Each discussion class will create a potential business – one business per class
•    Students will be divided into the following seven groups:
1.    Context (the economic, governmentaland global environment in which the class business will operate)
2.    Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Challenges and Data Management
3.    Owners/Investors
4.    Customers
5.    Employees
6.    Suppliers & Supply Chain Management
•    Each group will make a presentation covering its assigned topic, as it relates to the class business, and the other groupswill critique and provide feedback on the presentation.
•    Each group will address the possibility of the class’ business succeeding in the US and therefore will include considerations (or even a plan or proposal) regarding expanding internationally.

Group Assignment:
Each functional group will make a 5-7 minute presentation on its assigned topic to illustrate how BCOR 1015 content applies to the class project business. After each group presents, the rest of the class will pose questions,offer comments, and help to shape the content for the final presentation.

Each presenting group will provide the Instructor with a hardcopy of its presentation just prior to presenting in class. The presenting group members are responsible to verify that they can use the classroom technology, have their presentation on compatible media, and have a backup copy.

The group presentation will be graded on the following criteria:
o    Quality of content
o    Insight of assigned topic area as it applies to the class company
o    Clarity of presentation materials and oral communication
o    Presentation style and effectiveness

Grading (The Company Project is worth 10% of the total semester grade.
Company Project Schedule:
See the syllabus, which includes presentation dates and other company project scheduling information.

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