Topic: Physiology

Topic: Physiology

Assessment:    Testing and Evaluation 1

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Many sports and daily activities occur with rapid rest-to-exercise transitions or at high intensities using anaerobic metabolic processes. The Wingate cycle ergometer test represents the most popular test to assess anaerobic capacity. This test can reliably determine peak anaerobic power, anaerobic fatigue, and total anaerobic capacity. You are to collect this data from a fellow student during your practical sessions for use in this report.


A.    Calculation and Plots
1.    Using the data from the first five second interval, calculate the Peak Power Output (PP) using the following equation:
Peak Power (watts) = (Resistance 1st 5 seconds) x (revolutions 1st 5 seconds) x 11.769
Then calculate the power (watts) for all the following 5 second intervals, using the following equation:
Power (watts) = (Resistance 1st 5 seconds) x (revolutions at 5 seconds intervals) x 11.769
You must write your calculations in text.
2.    Using the data, plot a graph of power (watts) versus time (seconds).
3.    Calculate the Relative Peak Power Output (RPP), and the Anaerobic Fatigue (AF) using the following equations:
Relative Peak Power (watts/kg) = Peak Power / body weight (kg)
Anaerobic Fatigue = (Revolutions 1st 5 seconds – Revolutions last 5 seconds) / (Revolutions 1st 5 seconds) x 100
You must write your calculations in text.

B.    Methodology
4.    Critically analyse your data collection process in relation to published Wingate methodologies, making sure you reference your sources. Was it valid and reliable? Can the data be utilised? Could you adapt the process to aid in reliability? (500 words).

C.    Analysis and Evaluation
5.    In comparison to normative data in literature, how well does your participant compare in regards to PP, RPP and AF? What areas might need improving? Justify what type of training would be most appropriate for improvements within the appropriate energy systems, make sure you utilise at least 5 reference sources. (500 words)

Word Limit: 1000 Words

Learning Outcome:

3. Collect reliable physiological and performance measurements during exercise, and report the results appropriately.

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