(Adele – Set Fire to the Rain)

(Adele – Set Fire to the Rain)

For this assignment you use theories of interpersonal communication to analyze a relationship in music (Adele – Set Fire to the Rain).
. Chapter Six (Understanding Interpersonal Communication) and Chapter Seven (Improving Interpersonal Communication), as well as supplemental material from class lectures, provide you with the necessary material to guide your analysis. Apply a minimum of three theories or key concepts of interpersonal communication to explain the relationship.

Sample of IP Theories/Concepts
From Lecture: Intimacy, Types of IP Conflict, Stages of Conflict (chaos model), Styles of Love
From Readings: Stages of Relationships, Conflict Styles, IP Violence, etc.


•    Select sample of music (Adele – Set Fire to the Rain).concerning an interpersonal relationship. Make sure that your selection provides enough content for you to analyze.

•    listen to your music selection multiple times and take notes. Brainstorm all the interpersonal theories you might apply.

•    Describe your object of study (music) – this becomes your second paragraph. For example, who produced the music? Did the music win any awards? What did credible critics have to say about the music (cite at least one review)? Were there any academic articles written that included a discussion of the music or its genre? Who were the notable actors and actresses of the music performers? How well, or poorly, was the music received by audiences? Is there any biographical information about the actors-actresses/musicians, directors/producers, etcetera that is relevant to your analysis? Finally, provide a brief (two to three sentences) summary of the music’s narrative.

•    Settle on three to five IP theories/concepts and write your three analysis paragraphs. Use the (1) Claim, (2) Evidence, (3) Implications/Discussion model for each paragraph.

•    Write your Introduction paragraph: Original, insightful thought(s) related to the essay topic; Thesis Statement, and Preview Statement.

•    Write your Conclusion paragraph: (1) Discuss what you consider to be the key points from your essay; (2) how does your analysis of the music contribute to our understanding of relationships and interpersonal communication? Recommend an alternate music and explain why it would be a good choice.

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