Employment relations

Employment relations

1. Has the context of employment relations (including the economy, the political system, the nature oftechnology and cultural values) changed so much since Dunlop was writing during the 195os that his theory has become irrelevant?

2. What dose control ofthe labor process mean does it make a useful contribution to understanding the nature ofthe employment relationship today?

3. How do contextual factors impact on the operation of employment relations?

4. What has been the impact of neoliberalism on employment relations?

5.What is corporatism?

6.How dose this approach to political decision-making affect employment relations?

7.Why is the concept ofthe receding state used to describe current patterns of state restructuring in the industialised economies? Is this concept applicable to Australia.

8. Drawing on overseas and Australian evidence, discuss the implications of privatization and the contracting-out of public services for employment relations.

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