Managing Human resources

Managing Human resources

The objective of the job analysis report is for you to become acquainted with the process of job analysis. In this portion of the team project you will learn how to design, conduct, and analyze the results of a job analysis. You will also learn how to report these results. Your job analysis report will constitute the basis for Phase II of the team project; for this reason, it is important that your job analysis be as complete and thorough as possible.

Where to start?
Your team is to gain access to at least three individuals (best mix is two incumbents and one supervisor) with the objective of analyzing the incumbent’s job. Although there are many ways to analyze jobs, I suggest that you use a task-oriented job analysis technique. This technique is relatively straightforward and yields good results. Note, however, that you are free to choose any method that you like.

What to include in the report?
Your job analysis report should contain the following sections:


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