palliative care

palliative care

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What are palliative care patients and their carer’s perceptions of the quality of end of life care?


An example of the structure.

1. Introduction of the study/Topic. The chosen topic should be NURSING related.

Background, purpose and Justification of the Study. Provide a background to the topic
and your rationale for selecting this particular area for investigation.

(a) Formulate a research focussed question
(b) Using either PICO or SPICE, Identify Key words from your questions (if there is any table,
put in appendix)
(c) Undertake an electronic search for primary source articles (Put evidence of search in
(d) Use inclusion and exclusion criteria to select the five PRIMARY articles for the lit review
4. LITERATURE REVIEW – How to carry out a literature review.
(a) Summarize the content of the selected papers to demonstrate good understanding (Put table
in appendix an example is provided.)

(b) Review and critique the five articles. DO NOT REVIEW/CRITIQUE ONE ARTICLE AT
(c) Identify the knowledge gaps or weaknesses to be addresses by your proposed research
(d) Evaluate and discuss the findings from the 5 primary articles and convince the reader of its
relevance to your own work especially how you intend to use this exercise for your dissertation
(Literature review) in year three.
5.Discussion/Proposed Outcome of the Literature review. Having done literature review coupled with your existing knowledge, what do you hope your proposed dissertation will find?
6. Limitations of the study. Identify some of the possible limitations you may encounter whilst carrying out your proposed study. This could be lack of literature on the topic. The 5 articles selected may have weaknesses.

7.Implications for Nursing. Explain how you think the result of your literature review may influence nursing practice.
8. Time Plan. Provisional time plan for undertaking and completing your project:

9. Reference. Underpin your proposal with wide use of relevant and up to date
references as this will provide academic credibility.

You may use the above components of this proposal as heading or sub heading in your assignment.
Appendices are not part of the word count

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