E-commerce and Globalization

E-commerce and Globalization

E-Commerce at Amazon.com

Amazon started as an e-commerce book site and has now added music, toys, electronics, software and clothes to is list of product offerings. You are welcome to review the following articles from Proquest.

Marcial, Gene (Oct 29, 2007) The Unplumbed Depths of Amazon. Business Week. New York: . p. 112

Doherty, Kathy (Oct 2007) The New Kid In Town. Food Logistics. New York: . p. 6

Stone, Brad. (Oct 24, 2007) .Amazon Says Profit Jumped In Quarter, New York Times (Late Edition (East Coast)). New York, N.Y.: p. C.3

Please turn in a paper of one to two pages (page counting does not include cover and reference list) discussing the following questions,

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of selling books and goods over the internet?

2. Amazon offered Prime membership and same-day delivery. Will this destroy local retail buisness?

3. What do traditional stores have to gain from setting up an e-commerce side to complement their retail stores?


1. Answer questions with clarity.

2. Show depth and breadth in your paper to enhance the quality of your paper.

3. Try your best to search in our library to find some papers/articles to support your argument and show them in the reference list.

This is a Signature Assignment for OPM300 Case Module 5

There are two specific learning outcomes: 1) Identify critical success factors of e-commerce operations management. 2) Compare and contrast e-commerce operations management to traditional operations management.

The grading rubric below has been developed to measure student success in meeting the expectations related to applying your knowledge to e-commerce operations.

The grading rubric below has been developed to measure student success in meeting the expectations related to applying your knowledge of global forces, culture and diversity on doing business in other countries.

Demonstrates the ability to organize content logically, concisely, and in a appropriate manner to understanding of global forces, country differences, culture and diversity.

There is no logical sequence of information. Wording is rambling and unfocused

Paper does not follow a logical sequence.

Paper follows a logical sequence. There are some minor problems with topic transitions. Introduction and/or conclusion are not clear.

Paper follows a logical sequence with an effective introduction and conclusion. Each segment relates to others in a carefully planned framework.

Demonstrates the ability to support a central point or viewpoint throughout the paper.

Insufficient elaboration and/or support (e.g., summaries, listings) in the paper.

Limited elaboration and/or support in the paper.

Support with some specific details and elaboration in the paper.

Support through both specific details and elaboration apparent in the paper.

Demonstrates the ability to address an identifiable purpose in paper—the implementation of global forces, culture and diversity in doing business in other countries.

The purpose is not identified, is unclear, or inappropriate in the paper.

Purpose is occasionally unclear in the paper.

Clear purpose, but not consistently sustained throughout the paper.

Clear purpose sustained throughout the paper.

Demonstrates the ability to gather and sort information and data on a particular subject matter or topic.

Does not have a grasp of information and appropriate data. Topic is poorly developed. Supporting materials are absent or vague. Trite ideas and/or unclear wording reflect a lack of understanding of topic.

Seems uncomfortable with information and data. Topic is evident but with little or no elaboration.

Seems comfortable with the information and data. Topic is evident with some supporting details.

Demonstrates full knowledge of the topic with explanation and elaboration. The topic is well developed, effectively supported, and appropriate for the assignment. Critical thinking is clearly and creatively expressed. Data choices are well thought out.

Demonstrates the ability to use appropriate word choice and grammar in the speech.

There are many sentences with grammatical errors. Some sentences are incomplete/halting, and/or vocabulary is somewhat limited or inappropriate.

There are a few sentences that are complete and grammatical. Word choice is not always appropriate for presentation.

Sentences are generally complete and grammatical, and they flow together easily. With a few exceptions, words are chosen for their precise meaning.

All sentences are complete and grammatical, and they flow together easily. Words are chosen for their precise meaning. Word choice illustrates grasp of content and enhances presentation.

Demonstrates the ability to make an effective speech outline that is free from bias (e.g. sexism, racism, ageism, heterosexism, etc).

Language chosen for a presentation is inappropriate and exhibits bias. Uses clichés, slang, jargon, racist, or sexist language. Some readers may be offended.

Language chosen for the paper is free from bias with one or two minor exceptions.

Language has no apparent bias. There is some inappropriate language.

Language is completely free from bias.

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