econ assignment

econ assignment

Answer the questions provided.

Which of the following transactions will be included‘
GDP for the United States? 1“
a. Coca-Cola builds a new bottling plant in the United

b. Eelta sells one of its existing airplanes to Korean in
c. Ms. Moneybags buys an existing share of Disney stock.
d. lC\hCa1$forma winery produces a bottle of

Cangdznnay and sells it to a customer In Montreal,

A; right is a simplified circular-How diagram fig‘

the economy of” Micmnia. (Note that there is no L 5’

investment in Micronia.)

a,What lhffi VEIIUC Of In MiCF()nia? (3!)/:;mrrg;_-rn;

b. What is the value of net exports? Ta/es = $100

c. What is the value of disposable income?

d. Does the total flow of money out of house-
holds-the sum of taxes paid and consumer C°_”5”me’ H°”5eh°ld5 Wages’ p’°fit’

d. 1 th 1 1 fl f . spending = $650 interest,ipen Ln%;l-§:qua e to a . ow 0 money into rent: $750
ouse 0 s.

e. How does the government of Micronia finance Markets ‘:0’ 9°°d5 Pam”
k ts
its purchases of goods and services? and Semces mar 9

Gross Wages, profit,
domestic interest,
product rent = $750
Exports = $20
Imports _ $20 Rest of world

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