Job advertisement and position description

Job advertisement and position description

Read the attached job advertisement and position description and outline and justify an Assessment Centre process for this position.

D e pa r t m e n t o f D e f e n c e;

An assessment centre is not a place, but a
structured combination of assessment techniques.
These techniques vary from centre to centre
depending on the selection criteria being used.
Assessment centres use different activities and
exercises to assess candidates’ competency
levels against defined selection criteria. This
gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your
level of competency in different environments
and allows the assessor the opportunity to
assess competency levels over a diverse range
of exercises.
The duration and structure of assessment centres
will depend upon the level of skills required,
the type of competencies being assessed as
well as other factors that may be specific to the
jobs that are being filled. An assessment centre
conducted for air traffic controllers will probably
be longer than one that is designed for graduate
recruitment to a Public Service Department.
• Assessment centres offer greater accuracy in
forecasting job performance. By selecting high
performers with greater precision, the return-oninvestment
for assessment centres is very high.
• Assessment centres can be designed to
ensure they relate to the job.
• Assessments of individual applicants can help
identify further development needs.
• Ratings of individuals are more reliable
and less subject to various types of rating
and judgement errors when using trained
• Candidates who are willing to participate in
an assessment centre process tend to have
thought through their suitability and desire for
the position. This results in a high proportion
of suitable applicants. In other words, the
assessment centre process results in higher
levels of unsuitable candidates self-selecting
themselves out of the process.
• Assessment centres are usually perceived by
recruiters and applicants as fair.
Tip: If you’re unsure of the dress standard
for the day – ASK, don’t guess.


1.     Identify the key selection criteria that will be used to assess candidates (up to eight)

2.    Create an Assessment Centre Matrix like the one below to show which methods will be used to assess which selection criteria (some may assess more than one).

3.    Now outline and justify the selection process, i.e.
Which methods will you use?
For which selection criteria?
When? Why?
What are the strengths/ weaknesses associated with the methods you will use?
How will you address the weaknesses?
Make sure you justify your answers using the available literature.

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