The Struggles of a Homosexual Lifestyle

The Struggles of a Homosexual Lifestyle

Write an annotated bibliography containing brief evaluations of resources on your approved research topic. Your annotated bibliography must contain no fewer than ten resources, including at least one of each of the following:

An article from a scholarly (peer-reviewed) journal found in the Collin College Library databases
An online resource (NOT Wikipedia)
An article from Good Reasons with Contemporary Arguments (see below for sample citation)
A book or a chapter from a book
An article from a newspaper or popular magazine
Do your best to make sure that the sources you use are as credible as possible. If you are unsure whether a source is credible, refer to the guidelines given in Chapter 18 of Good Reasons with Contemporary Arguments.

As per the department requirements for English 1302, your annotated bibliography must be at least five pages long. Each annotation should be written in present tense ("is" instead of "was") and needs to be at least six sentences long, including 3-5 sentences summarizing the main idea(s) of the source, 1-2 sentences evaluating the source’s strengths and weaknesses, and an addition 1-2 sentences relating the source to other research and/or giving your personal opinion about the source’s value or credibility. No separate works cited page is needed.

Keep direct quotations to a minimum — aim for seven words or less per quotation. The idea here is for you to interpret the authors’ ideas and put them in your own words as much as possible.

Annotations should focus on what the sources say, not what they talk about. For example, instead of writing that an article "talks about" the negative effects of decriminalizing drugs, write what the article actually says about those negative effects; give examples and sum up main points. If you do this, your readers will have a better understanding of why the source is valuable, and your annotated bibliography will be a much better tool for you as you write your researched argument essay.

Keep in mind that the goal here is to gather a good variety of sources related to your research topic. Avoid using several articles from one book or book series, online database, website, or other publication. The more varied your sources, the more broad your understanding of your topic is likely to become.

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