What is your literary narrative

What is your literary narrative? Where are you as a writer? Do you enjoy reading? (Do not have strong literary narrative and like to write something that i have experienced)
• What do you hope this course will teach you? What are your goals in this class? What do you intend to do to meet them? (want to change:1. more self control for studying since this is an online class2.improve english skill: writing skill(grammar error and word choice…) and reading skill(slow and not completed) since english is not my first language (chinese) 3. improve my confidence for asking questions and making friends. )
• What are some things you can bring to this course that no one else can? (i always have strong ideas)
• If you could research anything, any interest, passion, or cause—what would you like to learn more about? (i like arts and playing games. i like something colorful and picturesque.)

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