Examine perception and cognition over the life span.

Examine perception and cognition over the life span.

Directions: Part 1: Your textbook states, “…our senses provide us with the building blocks for understanding the world around us” (Sigelman and Rider, p. 166). In 1-2 paragraphs, describe how infants come to “make sense” of the flood of sensations that they experience.

Then briefly describe the major changes in sensation and perception through childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Write 2-4 sentences for each age group.

Part 2: You need to design a program to teach 6 year-old children a new academic skill (for example, how to identify simple words). How would you approach this from Piaget’s perspective? How would you approach this from Vygotsky’s perspective?

Design two programs – one based on Piaget’s perspective and the other based on Vygotsky’s perspective.
Describe the details of each program in an essay. Be sure your program designs correlate with specific concepts from the two theories. Include descriptions about how the two programs would be similar and how would they be different.
Consider these questions:

Who/what would it be important for the children to interact with? Why?
How will the child learn, and how will the structure of each program foster the child’s learning?
What influences might your program include to promote learning?
Organize/Label your paper so it’s evident that you address each part of the assignment. Carefully edit your essay so that it is free from grammatical and punctuation errors.

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