Music Paper

write an organized and thoughtful essay of 500 words. Your grade will be determined by 1) how well you respond to the topic; 2) clarity of organization and expression; 3) use of ample documentation, quotations, and examples drawn from the course materials; 4) correctness of grammar and spelling.
? When you cite a source, put the source in parentheses after the citation?for example: (Text, p.25) or (CD ?Scotland the Brave?) or (Video Program 2)
? Submit the entire exam as one document?not separate essays.

Develop three essays. Each essay should be 500 words.

ESSAY 1 should focus on a single piece of music from the CDs. ANALYZE the musical selection according to important musical concepts and ideas covered in UNITS 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. Be sure to focus on central and significant concepts from the textbook (Exploring the world of music 2nd Edition) and you should also have references from videos ( Your grade depends on your analysis of how the musical selection demonstrates the concepts of music that are discussed in these units. For each unit discussed in the essay, you must have at least one citation from each of the required course sources: text, CD, video. HOWEVER, more than one from each source is highly recommended. (Use Symphony No. 5 in C minor by Beethoven)

ESSAY 2: select a second piece of music from the CDs and follow the instructions for essay 1. (Use Scotland the Brave)

ESSAY 3: listen to the following excerpt from Tchaikovski?s Piano Concert to #1 and follow the instructions for essay 1 AND additionally include some outside research on the piece of music. Be sure you give citations for this research.

For example: Essay 1 could focus on ?We Shall Overcome? and Essay 2 could focus on ?Beethoven?s Fifth Symphony.? Essay 3 will be a piece of music that is not part of the course.

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