Film Analysis Rubric

Film Analysis Rubric
*1) Provide a brief summary of the film. Introduce the main story line (tell what the film was about), and provide a brief description of the characters involved
(1-2 paragraphs)
*2) Select a minimum of 3 concepts or theories presented in the text and define them using the textbook definition. After doing this, define them again in your own words (paraphrase) and explain your interpretation of them
-Routine Activities Theory
(2 paragraphs)
*3) Explain how the selected concepts/theories apply to the content of the film
-Provide detailed examples from the film that reinforce your claims.
-Explain how/why the examples you provided from the film reinforce the theory
(2-3 paragraphs)
*4) Incorporate 1 outside Academic source to back up your claim(s) in #4 and explain how this evidence supports your argument
(1-2 paragraphs)
– The Conclusion of the paper will be a brief Reflection.
*5) What have you learned? How do you feel about the topic(s) you discussed in your paper? Has the research/information you have found changed your viewpoints/opinions in any way? What would you suggest as possible solutions to social problems like the ones brought to our attention by the film?
(1-2 paragraphs)
-Other Instructions
– Be as descriptive as possible and provide detailed examples, research and statistics to back up your claims. *This means your paper should incorporate in-text citations and a reference page*.
Remember to cite any information you present as fact.
– APA formatting and citation style will be imposed.
-Paper should have a cover page, 1 inch margins, be double spaced, stapled, and use Times New Roman 12pt font with page numbers in the upper right hand corner. This is the film that I watched.

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