The video How To Steal $500 Million

The video How To Steal $500 Million

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This is for a group paper assignment where I only have to do the conclusion. The description for the conclusion is: analysis, comparison of alternatives, the course of action you might have chosen and why; the course of action chosen by the case company and why. Make sure you identify the reasons for the decision and what the main characters and the stakeholders might think, feel, or experience…over the long term.

You need to watch the video and then write the following only on the information I give you. It has to be from my textbook so I will upload all the information you will need. My class was heavy on the different ethical systems and Kohlberg. I will upload the exact material so even if you are already familiar with it please go off of my text.

The link to the video is:

Watch all 4 parts and please call me with questions.

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