“art” and “entertainment” in rock music

“art” and “entertainment” in rock music

Look up “art” and “entertainment” in an online dictionary. Preface your essay with the definitions you have chosen and (of course) cite the dictionary as a source. Discuss whether you think rock and roll and rock are art, entertainment, or some combination of the two.

Following your preface comprised of quoted definitions of terms, begin by stating your case regarding the music we’ve shared and art versus entertainment. Then proceed to the discussion of songs that support your case.

Illustrate with at least two songs from each chapter that are in different styles. Use all the assigned films you watched and their accompanying critical articles as well. You may, if applicable, substitute songs from the films for songs assigned in the modules, if and only if the songs are heard complete in the films. If you wish to substitute songs by the same artists as those assigned in the modules, you may do that as well. I encourage you to contact me about such unassigned songs, as some may serve your purposes better than others. You may draw different conclusions about rock and roll, the transitional music in Chapter 6, and rock, and even about different songs. Examples drawn from careful listening to the music are most important (timings of particular moments are great). Lyrics are also important, of course. When relevant, the visual culture that accompanies the music should also be referenced (as in the assigned films and the assigned video of Chubby Checker lip-syncing “The Twist).

One issue you need to consider is the degree to which longevity matters in determining the degree of art versus entertainment in a song. It’s often thought that art “stands the test of time,” while entertainment may not. Every song you’ve been assigned in the modules has, to some degree, stood the test of time, some more than others. You will likely feel that a song you knew before you took this class has fared better in this regard, and that is reasonable. Regardless, draw your own conclusions about which songs are art, which are entertainment, and which are both.

Conclude by summarizing your argument, based on the evidence you’ve analyzed from the assigned songs and films. Draft Your Essay It’s always best to write your essay with word processing software in order to avoid accidental loss. As with your discussion question, I’d rather not push you too much in any particular direction in this, your final critical essay. However, contact me as needed if you have questions or need further assistance to complete this project. Remember, again, the basic structure of an essay: state your thesis in an introduction. Then support it with what you’ve learned. When your essay is finished, upload your document as an attachment below. To add a note, click the “Edit” button. Once your work has been graded, you may find your grades via the Assignments link (in the Activities block) or the Grades link (in the Administration block) on the course home page.

You can use any song from playlist 4-7 or in the book or from the movies assigned. You must use online dictionary to define “art” and “Entertainment”. You should also reference the movies assigned.

Playlist 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpYsDTaPYWI&list=PLHbUM_p5piKeCXCYZpUDGl6PRzwytOy-f
Playlist 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ud_JZcC0tHI&list=PLHbUM_p5piKebCWDKyAFFMNpSGVAYlYfh
Playlist 6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbK0C9AYMd8&list=PLHbUM_p5piKefKL_-YHJauE6doQ0F1cqP
Playlist 7: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipADNlW7yBM&index=1&list=PLHbUM_p5piKc6whgQtr317xdHMpG8TbXL

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