Gilbert and George

Gilbert and George

Feel free to design your own prompt. Please write some form of prompt at the head of the essay so I know what you are attempting to answer/deal with. Try the usual university format of a quote followed by Discuss. The thesis should address the prompt though. Don’t just throw a quote on there to keep me happy!

Keep your voice alive throughout the entire essay. Paragraphs which just ramble on about Gilbert and George are dead paragraphs and immediately deflate the entire essay. Keep up the pressure on the reader all the time!

Have a logical rational conclusion to your argument. Don’t repeat the thesis. Don’t drift off into high sounding clichés or grandiose statements about life. Stick with what you have been arguing about Gilbert and George.

Paper must be 8-10 pages in length. Typed, printed out handed to me in class on the 9th.

Works Cited page must be correct. Regular margins. 12 pt font. STAPLED!

Do not include pictures in the essay, do not attach pictures. I can easily find whatever you are referring to.

Be sure to have quotes in the essay from your research. See below.

Try to discuss around 10 pictures. As with any essay try not to do them one at a time as you will just end up describing the picture for no reason. Try to use maybe two or three at a time to draw out patterns and links that are of importance to your thesis.

Make sure you have an argument, not just an observation or a comment. Also make sure you have clearly delineated any counter arguments. Use Tennyson as a guide if you are stuck.

For help with the Works Cited you can go here :

You must use the Teachers Pack in the essay. Which means there must be some quotes from the teachers pack in the essay. Make sure you know who wrote the teachers pack!

As a reminder here is all the G+G material, that I already sent you, that we are using:

Your Gilbert and George Research : Articles, Interviews etc.

You must use the Teachers Pack. Which means there must be some quotes from the teachers pack in the essay.

1. John Tusa Interview on BBC Radio 3.

2. (link on my home page also)

3. Gilbert and George’s Homepage.

4. (Tate Gallery Website for the 2007 Retrospective: Tim Marlow is walking around it)

5. Journal of Contemporary Art Interview.

6. (JSTOR Article on G and G)

7.,,2001375,00.html (A collection of small articles on G and G)

8. (Gilbert and George videos on Vimeo: there is another Tim Marlow interview here)

9. (The Ten Commandments of Gilbert and George Video)

10. (G and G Interview)


12. (interview with Yentob)


14. Feel free to find anything that you might want to use.

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