bassam summary 2

Summary Report for Module 2
Once again you can assume i am your boss and I have asked you to research the topics in Module 2 and report back to me with what you have found. I expect your paper to be 7 – 10 pages including the references page. After reading your paper I should have a good idea of the topical areas. Enough so that I will not look like a fool at my upcoming meeting in two weeks.
Your paper should have two main sections (please label the sections):
* Content – this section is where you present the most important concepts from the readings. Since there are three different areas covered in this modules materials you might want to label your sections:
* Section 1: Data Warehousing
* Section 2: Normal Curve and Simple Regression
* Section 3: Herb Simon
* What I learned — This section should tell me what was new to you. Assuming our backgrounds are similar you can assume what was new to you would be of interest to me, your boss.
Your references page should use APA formatting. It is important that you keep track of the important concepts and the sources for you information. This information will be extremely valuable to you when you are writing your portfolio for the final capstone course.

1. Data Warehousing and Mining articles:
* An Introduction to Business Intelligence by Jerzy Surma
* This chapter gives a history of Business Intelligence — I made this an optional article – Buy it if you are interested
* The Data Warehouse by Jerzy Surma
* This chapter explains what a data warehouse is.
2. Introduction to Normal Curve and Simple Regression Model
* Introduction to Least Squares Modeling
* The median Isn’t the message by Stephen Jay Gould
* Videos:
* Trend Lines and Regression Analysis in Excel ? (Links to an external site.)?
3. Decision Theory – Economics: Classical methods v. Behavioral methods
* Herb Simon: 1978 Nobel Prize in Economics Award Speech

use the Sources of the articles
in the attachment you can find the articles except Data Warehousing and Mining articles there is no article but there is 2 files about it one the professor wrote and the other my friends wrote so please use them and source the main article unless you find the article online
the 2 files are called
My data warehouse description
Section 1

and the other fils are the other articles

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