Topic: Cognitive Heuristic Hybrid 6

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For this journal assignment, you should be able to find two favorite TV commercials on You Tube. Post the links to your commercials. Each of your commercials needs to display at least three different heuristics. In your response, cut-copy-paste your link.
Then, choose the three (or more) heuristics that are at play in your commercial along with a specific description of why you believe it demonstrates a certain heuristic.


I chose the Old Spice Commercial from several years ago that began a series of similar ads:

Here are several heuristics I believe to be at play in this advertisement:

1. Representation: In repeating several times, “Look back at your man, then look back at me”, the actor is trying to make my brain create a snap judgment that my “man” is like him solely because he’s a man. This analogy may not hold for many reasons. Moreover, the actor says “Sadly, he isn’t me.” Therefore, I should hope that “my man” is somewhat like him in this ad as it continues.

2. Stereotyping: This is the most funny part of this ad because the advertisers play upon stereotypical women’s wishes (diamonds, “tickets to that thing you love”, the “manly” smell of Old Spice etc.).

3. Illusion of Control: “Anything is possible when your man smells like Old Spice.” This is an overestimation of what my life would be like if “my man” used Old Spice.

4. “Us vs. Them”: If your man is not an “Old Spice Man”, then he is not a man based upon the dialogue given in the advertisement. This is an example of polarization and makes men either be Old Spice users or not be manly, also bringing it back to stereotyping.

The attachment has all the different heuristics.

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