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i had to attends to pow wow ceremony in Algoma university in Canada , Sault ste marie Ontario and based on what I saw there I have to write personal reflection paper of pow wow ceremony < this is what my prof asked to write, so I need you to write as you like been already attends in this event and the following Links and videos will give batter understand of what happens there also give ideas about it (clothes, how female clothes are different from male and things like that, explain colors of their clothes, how they involve kids in dance floor it makes it more of teaching kids the culture and teach them the history of the anishinaabe through dancing) …


I need to to consider the following question as you write this paper

1- what is one of the traditional dances the women and men do? How do you make bannock? Bead work ? Moccasins?
2- The teepees and the difference between and cooking teepee and sleeping
3- The traditional animals and the clans
Or tribe names
4- Talk about the food the scone dogs and Indian tacos
Its like a taco salad but with bannock
5- Bannock is a native fry bread
this book is in case you run out of ideas, or the videos mentioned above aren’t showing enough information to write about. you don’t have to use this book if you can give a good reflection about this ceremony.
1- Charlotte Heth Native American dance : ceremonies and social traditions (Smithsonian institute, 1993)

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