Assessment Item 2 Customer Service Communication Analysis

Assessment Item 2 Customer Service Communication Analysis
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This task requires you to analyse the communication behaviours presented in the customer service scenario video.
Please note this paper will be marked on:
? presentation in essay format with an introduction, body and conclusion;
? written expression, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure and grammar;
? your identification of the good or poor customer service behaviour and your discussion of why the behaviour was good or poor and how
this impacts on the customer service relationship.
? referencing.
Your answer should refer to the learning in Modules 2-6 of PPP100
Please refer to the marking rubric as guide to developing your written response for the assessment task.
Question:Observe the customer service displayed in the supplied video. Based on your observations, identify, analyse and discuss how communication
behaviours are applied in the scenario in relation to: rapport building, active listening, empathy and respect. Explain if the behaviour was appropriate
(good) or inappropriate (poor) and how the behaviour impacts the customer service relationship. Your response should include reference to the learning
in Modules 2-6.
Length: 1000 words

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