sports and exercise psychology

Topic: sports and exercise psychology

Order Description
Assessment 2: Essay (35%)
Length: 1000 words
Submission Details: Submit your assignment to Turnitin.

The purpose of this assessment is to provide students with an opportunity to analyse a critical moment from a popular sports movie and design an appropriate intervention to assist an athlete or coach. The intervention will address a particular sport psychology issue or skill identified as significant in the critical moment. Learning how to design an intervention will be relevant to many students’ future careers, including those who become teachers or coaches and those who pursue a career in sport-related rehabilitation.

Students will be assessed on their capacity to analyse a critical moment and design an appropriate intervention.

In this essay you will (a) review one sport-related movie or documentary, and (b) choose one critical moment from the film to analyse and (c) discuss this critical moment from a theoretical/conceptual perspective (d) outline a hypothetical plan to assist the athlete in the critical moment portrayed in the movie.

You must choose one movie from the list below:
1. Tin Cup
2. Blind Side
3. Bend it like Beckham
4. Karate Kid
Assignments based on movies not from this list will not be graded and the student will receive a zero for this assessment.
A critical moment from a psychological perspective might involve a scene, or series of scenes, in which the athlete’s/coach’s actions significantly contributes to, or alters, their performance/behaviour in the scene and/or the plot of the movie.
Your essay should include:
• An introduction.
• A brief description of the context (i.e., characters involved, setting, outline of the events / behaviours / decisions leading up to and following the critical moment) and the ‘psychological’ issue.
• A theoretical/conceptual analysis of the key sport psychology issue or skill(s) illustrated in the scene(s) and discussed in class (e.g., motivation, anxiety, confidence, or concentration).
• A detailed description of the intervention (i.e., method or methods) that you would have implemented with the athlete/coach to prepare for and deal with the critical moment.
• A conclusion.
• Note: your tutorial manual contains more detailed description (ive included tutorial manual too)

You are required to cite six academic references (research articles or book chapters) that are not included in the unit reading list (later section in this learning guide).

In general, you should aim to cite sources published in the past ten years. However, if you are citing a seminal or highly influential source, it may be appropriate to use information from older articles or books.
Recognition of these sources and any others from which information is drawn is required.

All citations and your reference list must conform to the guidelines in the American Psychological Association (APA) Publication Manual.

You must include your reference list in your turnitin submission.
The tutorial manual also provides an exemplar from a former student’s essay with questions to help you reflect on strengths and weaknesses of the exemplar so that you can improve your essay. – let me know if you want me to send you this?

1. The submission must be 1000 words including everything before the reference list, such as in-text citations, headings, subheadings and data in tables. The word count does not include words in your reference list.

2. Your submission must include a reference list. This list must be inserted as an endnote at the end of the document, so that the reference list is not counted in the word count. (For a video to learn how to create an endnote, see here:

3. The reference list and all in-text citations should be formatted according to the American Psychological Association Publication Manual (6th edition).

4. Include the total word count (not including reference list) in your Word document at the bottom of the final page.

5. No appendices can be included.

6. Font must be Times New Roman 12.

7. Line spacing must be 2.0.

8. Include six academic references (research articles or book chapters)

9. Submit your assignment to Turnitin

It is recommended that students use a UWS library computer to submit their assignments. If problems are encountered, library staff can assist the student.

10. No hard copy submission is required.

Over-length Penalty
Over-length assignments will be penalised by 10% of the assignment’s worth for exceeding the 1000 word limit. Every additional 100 words over the limit will incur an extra 10% penalty. For example, an assignment of 1001 words would be deducted 10% of the assignment’s worth and an assignment of 1101 words would be deducted 20%.

Rubric: Analysis and Intervention essay (35%)
This assessment will be marked out of 100 marks and convert to 35 marks, using the rubric below.

Rubric is in learning guide that ive attached (from pages 13-16) is where you need to look

course related work i have put into some documents for you, everything that we have gone through from weeks 1-6 that will be needed to go into the essay.

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