. Watch the documentary “Wal-Mart: The High Price of Low Price”

1. Watch the documentary “Wal-Mart: The High Price of Low Price”

– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXmnBbUjsPs

2. Read critical essays on reading

– http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/20/opinion/timothy-egan-walmart-starbucks-and-the-fight-against-inequality.html?_r=0

3. Respond to one of the following questions in a five paragraph argument essay response.

-If Wal-Mart is aware that its employees are talking about union activities, what procedures does the corporate Wal-Mart take to act upon this knowledge? Should Wal-Mart employees unionize? Explain.

-How does Wal-Mart management feel about women & minorities? Give several examples from the documentary. What should be done about this?

-What do Wal-Mart employees do about health insurance? What do you think Wal-Mart should do about covering their employees health insurance more fairly? Explain.

– What impact has Wal-Mart had on the desolation of downtown shopping in America? Is this just an example of fair capitalism? Explain.

– In Charlotte, NC, the Wal-Mart was taken to court over environmental issues. What happened at the store? Why do you think Wal-Mart tried to ignore the problem? What should be done about Wal-Mart’s violations?

– Describe the working conditions for Wal-Mart employees in China, giving at least three examples. If you could recommend an improvement in China, what would you tell the corporate leaders at Wal-Mart?

– What is your reaction to the statistics regarding salaries and personal donations to charities of the Walton and Wal-Mart family? Should the Walton’s be required to spend money to improve their employee’s living standards?

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