The changing nature of the workplace

Topic: The changing nature of the workplace

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the assignment background:

In 1990’s a workplace was predominantly a stable workforce where many staff stayed with the organisation or business for life. In 2016 many different working conditions exist beyond simple and permanent full time roles in an organisation. The nature of work has also changed. Automation is a key component of manufacturing workplaces and in the service industry automated answering and on line ordering process have become the norm.

Please follow the following:-

1. View the video clip HYPERLINK “”; read the two articles “ Man v Machine: Robots with ambition’ and ‘The New Rules; Seven Shifts in the Age of Opportunity” – articles are found on VU Collaborate (Readings –Assignment One), plus 3-4 selected research articles you can source to support your report.

2. Write a critical review on the changing nature of work and implications for managers. Explore the kinds of changes and associated working conditions for employees in a large organisation. Your report must cover the following points:

3. Identify and discuss 3- 4 key points from in the video related to the changing nature of work – provide a short description of each (one paragraph) point selected.

What other changes do you predict for the workplace in the next 5-10 years. Why? and what could the implications be for a manager

What are some implications of these changed/changing employment conditions for workers and their managers?

Finally, as a manager in this changed environment, what are some (2-3) things you will need to do adapt successfully? What might be some challenges you would expect to face?

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