Business Studies

Business Studies
Please read the article “E-business in Micro Companies: Lessons Learned” and watch the video eBusiness strategies and address the following questions:

How is e-business changing the corporate landscape regardless of the industry?
How can businesses take advantage of e-business opportunities enhancing their strategic position?
Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts. Your response must be well-thought out and stimulate critical thinking and high-level dialogue. Please ensure to use at least two sources in addition to our textbook.

Organizational Characteristics
Please watch the videos for Accelerate! The Evolution of the 21st Century Organization and You Can’t Solve 21st Century Problems With 20th Century Thinking: Kent McCuddin at TEDxOmaha.

Identify and research an organization that operates like a 20th century organization but has adopted a structure that manifests 21st century characteristics. Please ensure to use examples from both videos. Explain how you see or detect the differences.


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