Disc 3

Disc 3

At the following Link, view “Conquest,” the 2nd part of the National Geographic Documentary titled “Guns, Germs & Steel.”

A transcript of the segment is available at the following link:


You are also required to read the following primary documents with links provided:

http://avalon.law.yale.edu/15th_century/colum.asp “Privileges and Prerogatives Granted by Their Catholic Majesties to Christopher Columbus : 1492”

http://nationalhumanitiescenter.org/pds/amerbegin/contact/text7/casas_destruction.pdf -Bartolomeo De Las Casas, “A Short Account, Written 1542” from a Dominican Friar in the New World to King Philip II of Spain.pgs.

Answer the following study questions in a 400-word-minimum essay, quoting the film and each of your primary document sources from above in the essay to help support your conclusions. (3 quoted and cited passages minimum required). Make sure you provide properly formatted parenthetical citations of your sources after all quoted materials. Do not answer in bullet points or in a numbered list. I want this composed as an essay. At the end of your essay you must post a study question of your own for your fellow students to consider and answer in their response posts.
1. Give FULL identification of the documentary film and the two literary documents: When were they created? What kind of a primary source are they? Who created them? where? why? Who were the intended audience?

2. Explain Jared Diamond’s premise as to WHY and HOW the Europeans conquered the New World.

3. What comparisons of similarities and/or differences can you make between the histories and theories portrayed in the film and the content of the writings of Bartolomeo De Las Casas?

4. How does the document of the King and Queen of Spain in granting royal privileges to Columbus support and/or challenge content discussed in the film?

5. In a Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda scenario, had the European Empires tried to settle the New World without warfare and bloodshed, would the ultimate outcome of physical and cultural annihilation been any different for the Native American tribes? Explain your answer.

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