PSYC 1001 Prisoners of Silence Film Worksheet

PSYC 1001 Prisoners of Silence Film Worksheet
This film is about an hour long and can be viewed in four parts on YouTube. Please type answers to the questions on a Word Processing Document and submit it to Online Film Assignment It is located in the Lecture Notes and Course Materials section of the course Bb page. Format it appropriately and answer the questions below. Use clear and complete sentences to answer each question. We will set aside time in lecture and lab to discuss this film. Answering these questions will help you prepare for that discussion. It is due by Thurs, April 14th, by 11:59PM. It will count as an extra attendance credit. It will not be assigned a letter grade, so it will appear on Bb as “needs grading”.
Frontline: Prisoners of Silence.
Part 1 is posted here, with links to parts 2-4:

Or search Google video using the search term: prisoners of silence
1.) Briefly summarize the topic and findings of the film.
2.) Could knowledge and application of statistical principals prevented the tragedy that unfolded in the film? If so, describe a specific way the methods of statistics could have been applied to prevent the tragedy.
3.) In your opinion, did the therapists and practitioners of facilitated communication act in a professional and ethical manner? Be sure to clearly explain the reasons for your judgment.

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