Entertain but to inform as well

Entertain but to inform as well

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Movie Review

Option 4 – AT&T “Your Final Text Message”
• YouTube video—AT&T
• Go to You Tube & view this video, on texting & driving
• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7_ICkoaJXE
• Find at least one more video clip on same topic, for more perspective. This is an older video, but still powerful.
• Your Final Text Message
Newer AT&T Video – Werner Herzog (2013)
• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BqFkRwdFZ0. 2013. Almost 3 million views!
• “From One Second to the Next” – a video by Werner Herzog that tells stories about texting and driving in this powerful “It Can Wait” Documentary.
• This is 34 minutes: you do not have to find another video.
Other Youtube videos — If you want to look at internet addiction, smartphone addiction, social media addiction, etc. you can find at least 2 videos on youtube that contain some factual information. The intent is not just to entertain, but to inform as well.

Your purpose
• Write an essay that reviews, or evaluates the videos based on specific criteria, and reflects on your response to some of the issues it raises.
• You will use MLA style documentation to cite these sources, both in the text and at the end in a Works Cited list.
• How well did the video identify the topic or problem?
• What tools did the video use to persuade you: did it use emotions, logic, or ethics?
• What elements of the video grabbed your attention & made you keep watching? (the people being interviewed, background music, captions or titles, etc. This list will change, depending on your videos and theme)
• Generally, people focus on the people, the messages, music, use of graphics, etc.
• How did you feel about the topic or problem afterwards? Did it make you think about it from a different perspective?
• Was there a call to action?
• Did you want to share the video with your family and friends?
Title page with image
• Add visuals!
• A Title page with some kind of image (Find an image online & download it, or save as .jpg)
• Take a print screen of the video’s opening frame.
• Insert a photo
Your introduction
• Mention it’s a review of a short documentary & be sure to identify the titles of the videos from YouTube OR the longer documentary from the Documentary website.
• Make note that you will be presenting an explanation of some of the aspects of the video and reflecting on its meaning.
• Write a Thesis statement that describes your overall response/opinion as briefly as possible.
• Don’t go into your opinion in detail—save that for the body of the paper.
The body of the movie review
• Body – Here are the things to include in your discussion.
• Identify the topic of the documentary
• Discuss the criteria that shaped your response to the movie, using at least three. Here are some to consider:
• –Presentation of topic or problem
• –Musical background to create a mood
• –People interviewed (facial expressions, stories, emotions)
• –Visual aspects (text messages on posters, the rose on the highway
• –Informative aspects (what did you learn? Present any facts?)
• –Persuasive elements (logical, ethical & emotional appeals)

Use at least one source OTHER than the documentaries to support your ideas.
• For example, if you select the AT&T Texting & Driving video, you could use the AT&T website devoted to that campaign.
• https://www.att.com/gen/press-room?pid=2964
• Your source should provide additional facts on the topic or problem. Generally, we would look for reviews on the commentary, but these will not be available, other than brief comments posted on YouTube.
• Cite sources in the text (Post 43) and then list them at the end.
Rate the Movie
• Include an overall rating system & rate the movie. Establish and support your rating: in other words, what makes it five stars vs. three stars? (Five stars, 1-10, Thumbs up or down, etc.)
• Rating the movie includes critiquing it. Did you like it? Did you learn from it? What grabbed your attention? Give some details here: examples of what you liked or learned.
Wrap up
• Call to action – would you tell your friends to watch it, or not? Why?
• Reflect on documentaries as a powerful new trend in movies—and the concept of now watching a short video on YouTube or the documentary website. How does the internet change how we consume movies? Can we predict that we will see more of these kinds of videos, to support causes & campaigns?
• List sources used in your review (Works Cited). Use a Citation tool like Easy Bib or Knight Cite but check your results with the Handbook.

The intent of this paper is not just to entertain, but to inform as well. Make sure your paper has contained the following information.
Movie review Grading Slip
Title Page with an image or graphic that fits the movie’s theme or topic
Outline or map that shows the main points of the essay, covering the items listed below
An introduction that identifies the essay as a review of a documentary, and mentions its theme
Essay includes an explanation of the movie to give the reader some sense of the context of the movie
Body of the essay discusses the movie, using specific examples of the 3-5 elements or criteria that shaped your response to the movie.: music, visual elements, people interviewed, presentation of the theme or topic, etc.
Body of the essay describes the movie (or movies), summarizing what happens
Does the writer discuss the persuasive strategies in the documentary? Is there a call to action at the end of the movie, and was the writer persuaded by watching the movie? (“I will never text and drive again.”)
Body includes a critique: did you like the movie? Why or why not?
Rates the movie and explains what that rating means, with support.
Concludes with a call to action (I would recommend this movie to my friends) and statement about the influence or role of documentaries
Spelling, punctuation, grammar
Essay cites at least one source to support the topic or theme of the documentary BESIDES the movie(s).
All of the sources are listed in the Works Cited

Movie Review Outline
I. Intro
A. Identify genre–Documentary
B. Identify the titles of the two videos on YouTube or online documentary website
C. If named producers or organizations, identify them
1. AT&T, for example & Campaign to stop Texting and Driving
II. Body–explain the context of the movie
A. Explain the basic theme of the movie
B. Summarize the movie
III. Body–present your criteria & discuss each one
A. List of suggested elements:
musical background
presentation of the topic or problem
persuasive appeals
people who were interviewed
B. Describe the elements that most interested you & their impact
IV. Body–Rate the movie
A. Establish a rating system (For example, it’s a 5 out of 1 to 5 stars)
1. Make sure your reader knows that 1 is low and 5 is high! (Or whatever you use for a system)
B. So what did you rate it? Why?
1. Use details, examples
C. Use a couple of sources, such as the AT&T campaign website, if using the videos on Distracted driving
V. Reflect and respond
A. Are we talking about this problem?
B. Did you find yourself getting more interested as you watched?
VI. Wrap up
A. Would you recommend it?
B. Value to seeing this movie?
1. Remember the purpose is NOT to entertain–but to inform & challenge
C. Need Works Cited
1. Citing youtube and other website video use

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