gun control

gun control
The Argument/Research Paper

This assignment requires you to select (1) topic from those approved by class vote as possible research topics. You should think of this paper as an extended argumentative essay, using outside sources as supporting evidence, written for a reader who may not be familiar with the topic and who may have a neutral opinion. The successful paper will:

provide a background section (summary) explaining what the topic is and why controversy surrounds it

have a clear thesis statement, indicating both your opinion on the issue and the main reasons you will use to support you opinion

develop those reasons in a main body section that refers to evidence and opinions obtained from outside sources

contain a section that mentions and suggests the flaws of arguments against your opinion.

Additionally, the successful paper will lead the reader to recognize the thought and preparation behind the paper, even if it doesn’t bring the reader to agree with its thesis.

MLA and research requirements

The written paper (final draft) should be 7-8 pages in length, typed, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins. You should incorporate between 5 and 10 direct quotations in your paper—about, on average, one quote per page. Please note that parenthetical documentation (author’s last name, page #), not footnotes, should be used when citing sources. Works-cited pages, cover pages, and pages dominated by graphs, illustrations, etc., do not count as part of the page requirement. However, the paper must include a works-cited page. The works-cited should document at least 5 sources, collectively deriving from three resource types. Hardcover sources such as books and specialized encyclopedias provide a good source of topic background information. Periodical (magazines, journals, and newspapers) sources provide recent developments and case histories. Reputable web pages and direct interviews may also be used, but more sparingly.

Debate Participation

This is an extended, involved project, requiring not only a written paper but participation in a debate group. As a debater, you have a role in an “expert panel,” which presents to topic in an organized manner to the class. The debate format will be as follows: the “pro” group as a whole will submit their case, such that some students present the background info, some students present supporting arguments, and others dismiss the opposing arguments. Following this, the “con” group will repeat the procedure. At this point, the class will have an opportunity to ask questions, to which both the “pro” and “con” sides may offer responses.

As you may infer, both a successful paper and a successful presentation will require research and preparation. You should give this process time and avoid procrastination by completing a certain amount of research and drafting each week.

the sources should be 5 from 3 different types (book, articles, essay, newspapers ….)

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