Reflection paper

Reflection paper

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I am shadowing a school nurse for 5th and 6th grade. Below is the website for the school. Please loo at the website to understand the school. Its a very wealthy school. The clinical log should include experiences from the day, application of course lecture in the clinical setting, and difficulties faced in a community setting. NSG 442: COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSING CLINICAL REFLECTION GUIDELINES

a. Describe the role of the nurse in your Community Health clinical setting.

b. Do the roles and responsibilities differ from a nurse in an inpatient setting? If so, explain how.

c. How has your role as a Student Nurse evolved over the clinical rotation?

d. Discuss an evidence-based practice article on the role of a Community Health Nurse and how it relates to nurses at your clinical site. (Cite references).

Please see attachment for the rubric of the paper

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