Researching Business and Management Issues

Researching Business and Management Issues

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The Researching Management and Business Issues occupies an important and distinctive position in your undergraduate study programme, not least in the sense that it represents an opportunity for you to demonstrate a whole range of intellectual and practical skills which will prove vital in any future career within business and management. The project is your own work and so represents a vehicle, which can offer you the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to initiate and pursue rigorous independent analysis of a business/management related issue and then to clearly present the results of your piece of academic research. Subsequently, this will prove useful to serve as a tangible piece of evidence in support of a job application. Furthermore, the techniques you deploy, the insights you explicate and the skills you develop as you work through the project process, will serve you well in your future, as these skills are generic.

The projects’s requirements allow you to concentrate on a specific topic, issue or problem within the general business/management area that is of particular interest to you and to develop and further your expertise within your chosen speciality. Given that the research is conducted on an individual basis, and is not part of a normal taught module, it follows that vital personal traits can be demonstrated throughout the process. These would typically be your initiative , your time management skills (i.e. your ability to work on your own within a given time-frame and deadlines) and your organisational skills (i.e. initiating the research programme, determining the methodology, conducting the fieldwork, accessing and analysing the literature/data and presenting the results/conclusions/policy implications)

The project also builds upon other taught modules that you have undertaken within your award programme and, as implied in the above paragraphs, you must present a project that demonstrates a range of intellectual and practical skills, especially:

The initiation of a research project within a business/management context;
The determination of appropriate methods;
Conducting practically-oriented research;
Accessing, analysing and synthesising information (both literature and raw data); and
Presentation of the results/conclusions and commenting on the implications of your findings.

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