American Lit. I1

Topic: American Lit. II
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Answer TWO (2) from the following questions (10% each). Make sure you use textual references to support each answer.
1. The endings of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and To Kill a Mockingbird (the last statement made by Huck and Atticus’s statement to Scout about people in general)- are both statements escapes from the truth/reality? What evidence exists in each text to support the statements made by each character? OR is one ending different in its meaning/message that the other?
2. Realism (the attempt to describe nature and life as they are without idealization and with attention to detail especially the everyday life of ordinary people). Choose THREE (3) works from different genres (one novel, one play, one short story) and discuss how the works chosen displayed the “human condition” (define that term) in a realistic manner.

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