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Annotated Bibliography
Develop an annotated bibliography for your Literature Review using APA style. Your annotated bibliography should include a minimum of 15 peer-reviewed journal articles. THE ARTICLES HAVE ALREADY BEEN FOUND, PLEASE FIND AND USE THE ARTICLES FROM THE ATTACHED DOCUMENT. Your annotation for each article should include a summary of the article, its application to your project, as well as any particular strengths or weakness of the article.

Discuss whether the article is theoretical or applied in nature. This exercise is to ensure that you are on the correct track with the project. You will transition this material into a traditional literature review format to fit into the final project.

An annotated bibliography is a list of citations from books, articles, and documents. Each citation is followed by a brief (usually about 150 words) descriptive and evaluative paragraph, the annotation. The purpose of the annotation is to inform the reader of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited. One example is listed below.

Waite, L. J., Goldschneider, F. K., & Witsberger, C. (1986). Nonfamily living and the erosion of traditional family orientations among young adults. American Sociological Review, 51(4), 541–554.

The authors, researchers at the Rand Corporation and Brown University, use data from the National Longitudinal Surveys of Young Women and Young Men to test their hypothesis that nonfamily living by young adults alters their attitudes, values, plans, and expectations, moving them away from their belief in traditional sex roles. They find their hypothesis strongly supported in young females, while the effects were fewer in studies of young males. Increasing the time away from parents before marrying increased individualism, self-sufficiency, and changes in attitudes about families. In contrast, an earlier study by Williams cited below shows no significant gender differences in sex role attitudes as a result of nonfamily living. I HAVE ALSO ATTACHED AN EXAMPLE BIBLIOGRAPHY.

When developing your own annotated bibliography, consider the following questions:

Do these articles support, address and/or give credibility to your guiding research question?
What topics in the literature might shed light on the history of the topic or area of practice of your project?
What topics in the literature might provide a theoretical background for the topic or area of practice regarding your project?

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